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Question: Why should I employ someone from the Philippines?”

RCP Answer: “Many employers around the world have recognized the Philippines as a source of a good quality, skilled and semi skilled labour force. Filipino workers are greatly sort after internationally for a range of reasons.  Most are fluent in English. They are traditionally hard-working, loyal, caring, and particularly adaptable to other cultures. Despite their international-standard training, skilled vacancies are not plentiful in the Philippines, and remuneration is poor.  Currently some 10 million Filipinos are working in more than 170 countries worldwide and according to recent statistics approx 3,000 Filipinos depart the Philippines daily to work abroad. Qualified Filipino workers are diligent.  They want to work, and expand their skills training and work experience.  International development is a career goal for many of them, and they sacrifice a great deal to gain that opportunity”

Question:  “But is employing Filipino workers detrimental to the Philippines?”

RCP Answer:Regardless of their country of origin, professional and other qualified workers with the financial resources usually seek progressive moves throughout their career.  This often involves working overseas for a period to increase their skills and experience. When Filipino workers move abroad, they return huge benefits to the Philippines, and this is welcomed by the Philippines Government.  Filipino expats remit significant funds back to the Philippines. The Philippines Government encourages, administers, relies on and supports these initiatives”

Question: “What is the Policy of RCP towards the levying of Placement fees?”

RCP Answer:  “In the Philippines the matter of placements fees is mandated by Law. RCP abides by these laws. The legal placement fee to be collected by licensed recruitment agencies from applicants for overseas jobs must be equivalent to one month salary of the worker as stipulated in the employment contract. The amount, however, does not include documentation and processing costs”  

Question: “What are included under documentation and processing costs?”

RCP Answer:  “Documentation costs include fees for passport, NBI/Police clearance, medical examinations, Medicare premium, trade tests, authentication, and birth certificate. Processing costs include visa, POEA processing fee, and OWWA membership fee to be paid by the employer”

Question:  “Is funding assistance available for the payment of the placement fees?”

RCP Answer: “There are a number of financing options existing both here in the Philippines and abroad concerning this issue. Our trained consultants will be more than happy to discuss these options with you during your review consultation” 

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